DevOps Consulting and Coaching Services

With about 300 highly experienced engineering and enterprise transformation coaches on our talent bench, we can help you at any stage of your DevOps journey.

Does your organization need to:

  • Get teams and management using the same vocabulary and practices
  • Establish realistic expectations for digital transformation
  • Automate services and IT infrastructure
  • Move towards platform enablement for product and software teams
  • Reduce risk, deliver faster, and recover quickly when things go wrong
  • Embrace a proactive security stance

Our DevOps consultants and coaches help address your organization’s specific needs and assist with growing pains. They provide day-to-day guidance to executives, managers, and technology team members to ensure DevOps practices are supported, implemented, and sustained across teams and the enterprise.

How our coaches work with your teams:

Executive Coaches

Technical Coaches

The Executive DevOps coach focuses on enabling your senior management to lead a successful DevOps transformation. Executive teams receive concise, strategic guidance from coaches with 10+ years of experience in senior roles navigating DevOps principles. We help align expectations, establish KPIs and coach leaders through enabling a systematic transformation.

Our Technical DevOps coaches assist in the implementation of a broad range of tools and technology: infrastructure, architecture, containers, CI/CD pipelines, automation, microservices, AIOps and more. No matter what your toolchain looks like, our Technical DevOps coaches help you modernize your systems and processes by showing you how to properly utilizing DevOps tools. 

Program Coaches

Team Coaches

Program coaches provide guidance on project and program management, change management, and other roles and construct important for implementing and supporting specific projects and initiatives associated with the DevOps practice. Our Program coaches all have 10+ years of experience implementing agility at scale, orchestrating value streams, and aligning DevOps strategy to the enterprise portfolio.

Team coaches help build and maintain cross-functional business, development, and IT operations teams – plus integrating roles outside of development and operations. Team coaches are highly engaged in on-site partners who help identify and dissolve silos and cultural barriers. Working side by side, they help your teams buy into the effort, get work done, achieve measurable goals, and enjoy happier work.


What Will Our DevOps Coaches Do For You?

  • Assess your current state of agile or DevOps practices and provide recommendations
  • Align executive expectations and efforts with DevOps principles 
  • Coach management teams who hold a stake in DevOps outcomes
  • Establish new habits and work processes which underpin the technology effort
  • Start a DevOps or digital transformation by starting small, and building to continuous improvement
  • Establish and meet quantifiable transformation goals for individuals, teams, and enterprise-level
  • Address your unique organizational barriers (chances are we’ve seen them before)
  • Conduct value stream mapping workshops to analyze work processes and find ways to automate
  • Highlight inconsistencies between business, design, development, test and production environments
  • Recommend DevOps tools and adoption training courses