DevOps Consulting Services

Helping enterprises become more efficient and effective through DevOps tools and adoption consulting and training.  

DevOps is more than just merging traditional roles of development and operations (and beyond). The true goal of DevOps is more fundamental: figuring out how your people, technologies, and processes can be optimized to grow your organization’s creation and flow of value. Without continuous improvement towards this goal, your organization is in danger of falling behind…or worse. Fortunately, IT and software teams usually hold great potential for innovation and faster value flow. The big challenge is overcoming your organization’s unique obstacles. We’ve found a lot of common themes to these obstacles, and we’ve learned a lot about the solutions. 


What can DevOps Consulting do for you?
  • Assess your DevOps and Agile readiness
  • Interview and coach your DevOps management teams
  • Align executive efforts with DevOps principles 
  • Plan your DevOps transformation by starting small, and then building to continuous improvement   
  • Set goals for the on the individual, team, and enterprise level
  • Address your unique organizational barriers
  • Highlight inconsistencies between development, test and, production environments
  • Recommend DevOps tools and adoption training courses 


Meet Our Consultants








Alan Koch: Pipelines and Testing, Agile, Software Project Management, Software Engineering, DevOps

Abrar Hashmi: DevOps, Agile, Portfolio Management, Change Management, Process Improvement

Matt Davis: Configuration Managment, Containerization, DevOps, Security Engineering, Network Administration

Antoine Victor: TFS, Jira, GitHub, DevOps, Microsoft Stack, Agile, SQL, SharePoint, .Net


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