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Learn to implement the DevOps way of work: Expand agility, leverage new tools, and break down siloes across the entire IT value chain.

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DevOps Implementation Boot Camp   

TICP-FDO Badgehis DevOps training course teaches the practices, tools, and skills that make true continuous operation possible in the real world. Rise to today's IT needs with a transformational blend of collaboration, automation, cultural tools and real-world guidance. Attendees who complete this course automatically receive the ICP designation after course completion. The ICP-FDO is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs) on the DevOps Track. This certification provides an overview of core concepts for DevOps and is geared towards a broad audience of professionals, technical and non-technical.

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Upcoming Dates/Locations:

Chicago, IL  | Mar. 11-13                                                               Live Online | Mar. 11-13                                                               Columbus, OH | Mar. 18-20
Dallas, TX  |  Mar. 25-27                                                                San Diego, CA  |  Mar. 25-27                                                        Reston, VA  |  Apr. 1-3 

More sessions are scheduled across the country. View the full schedule here.

DevOps Consulting:

Are you looking for a DevOps expert that will help drive adoption of tools and practices that will lead to a successful DevOps implementation? We have a bench full of DevOps consultants that will support you in achieving the benefits of DevOps by helping your organization design and implement a sophisticated DevOps platform.  

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Onsite Team Training:

Let us bring our experts to you! Onsite training allows your organization to receive training that is tailored directly to your needs, at your location and on your schedule. Not only does the entire team benefit immediately, but the cost per student is significantly less than attending separate public courses. If you're not sure what training courses could benefit your team the most, we can also send experts to perform an assessment and provide onsite coaching.  Learn more about the benefits of onsite training today.

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DevOps Training from Techtown Training enables entire IT departments – from software development and IT operations, to testing, security and release teams to rise to the challenge of increasing flow of value delivery. Learn the practices necessary to design, develop, release and deploy software faster in the enterprise. The training courses in our DevOps Curriculum provide a roadmap for transformational change as you implement better automation, communication, and increased cross-functional collaboration. We teach you to leverage DevOps tools and automate processes to improve flow across the entire IT value chain.

Our training courses give you the how-to knowledge and technical coaching that make true continuous operations possible in today's large organizations. We offer courses focusing in configuration management and containerization tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Docker, as well as specific practices such as test automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery and lean IT management.