Enterprise DevOps Assessment

enterprise-devops-assessment-wheelAssess Your DevOps Practice. Leave with an Action Plan.

Introducing an outside expert’s perspective into your technology practices can be a dramatic and eye-opening event.

Our experts designed an online survey to thoroughly assess your DevOps practice. This assessment will help you discover, visualize, and navigate your roadmap to DevOps maturity. The Enterprise DevOps assessment consists of 85 questions and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive a custom report detailing practical advice to improve your DevOps practice as well as tailored coaching and training recommendations.

Using the information we collect from assessing your practices, the assessment report provides specific guidance for improvement based on a real-time picture of your:

  • Cultural Health
  • Tools and Systems
  • Work in Process
  • Planning Practices
  • Security vs. Risk
  • Collaboration
  • Employee Empowerment