ASPE Skills and Competency Assessments

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to determine which training investments make the most sense.

Assessment LogoWe know every organization faces unique challenges. Our custom assessments, designed and conducted by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), are the most efficient way to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within your organization in order to design a solution to help you reach your business goals.

When working with a team or organization, an assessment can be introduced as a tool to assist in guiding individual and team improvement all the way up to a full enterprise transformation. It is an invaluable mechanism to communicate the transformation strategy and to measure progress. The types of assessments we offer include:


We designed thorough standalone assessments intended to evaluate the skill levels and maturity of various aspects of your organization. 

Each online self assessment will produce a detailed evaluation report that includes areas needing improvement in your practice. You will receive feedback broken down into multiple categories and have suggested next steps broken down to you. Online self assessments usually take about 20 to 40 minutes to complete.

Onsite Team Assessments

Onsite Team Assessments are administered in three parts:

  • Part 1 - Pre-survey evaluation: Members of your organization will be asked to take a customized online survey. This survey will capture individual responses to questions which will give the SME a baseline for in-person interviews.
  • Part 2 - In-person interviews by the Subject Matter Expert: During this stage, one of our hand-selected Subject Matter Experts will come to your organization to observe and interview various team members in order to gain a full understanding of the current state of your implementation.
  • Part 3 - Analysis and recommendations by the SME:  You will leave with a roadmap that consists of different training, coaching and consulting recommendations.

Onsite Team Assessments are customizable and available in the following areas:

Knowledge Check Assessments

As an added service when a customer books onsite team training, we can provide pre and post surveys that are designed to benchmark student knowledge. These knowledge check questions will help solidify the knowledge they learned in class and identify areas that need improvement.  

Knowledge Check Assessments are fully customizable and available for all courses in our curriculum.