ASPE Skills and Competency Assessments

Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to determine which training investments make the most sense.

Assessment LogoWe know every organization faces unique challenges. Our custom assessments, conducted by one of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), are the most efficient way to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within your organization in order to design a solution to help you reach your business goals.

When working with a team or organization, an assessment can be introduced as a tool to assist in guiding individual and team improvement all the way up to a full enterprise transformation. It is an invaluable mechanism to communicate the transformation strategy and to measure progress.

No single assessment is the same, but they generally consist of four different steps:

1. Evaluation:

The evaluation process typically begins with an immersed and collaborative visit to your teams. During this stage, one of our hand-selected Subject Matter Experts will come to your organization to observe and interview various team members in order to gain a full understanding of the current state of your implementation. The longer our expert is able to spend at your location, the more information we will have to better guarantee you are getting the recommendations you need. We'll also gather feedback from key stakeholders.

2. Findings:

The Subject Matter Expert and your ASPE Account Manager will then organize the findings and present them to you in a straight-forward and easy to understand report. The results of your assessment will align to major business and operational objectives and touch on your ability to satisfy business goals. At the end of this stage, you will discover the state of your organization based on an outside perspective from the observations and interview questions that were collected by our Subject Matter Expert. Our goal is to set a baseline, assess your maturity stage, get a maturity score, recognize what has already been mastered, and then narrow and target your focus in order to create a Transformation Roadmap.

3. Transformation Roadmap:

After identifying specific areas within your organization that need improvement, we will create a roadmap that consists of different training, coaching and consulting options recommended for you. These options will be very specific to the findings and will be laid out in a way that you will be able to take action immediately. Anything we recommend to you can be tailored, including any customized training or coaching at any level of your organization.

4. Training, Coaching, and Reassessment:

After you begin your journey, you will start to see improvement throughout your teams and across your organization. Although we can do one-time assessments, a majority of our clients find it useful to schedule and conduct assessments on a regular interval; usually on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. This provides an independent assessment on how they’re evolving and maturing. The initial assessment serves as a base-line for later assessments and the real value here is establishing improvement trending over time. On-going assessments allow you measure progress and see how you’re tracking against your goals and determine if you’re ready to move on to the next level. Additionally, they allow clients to make or support the case for needed coaching or training and allow you to show continual improvement and progress in order to secure continued funding.

We also offer various assessment tools:


Cape Fear PartnersTTI Success Insights Professional Assessment Tool from Cape Fear Partners: 

ASPE leverages the powerful TTI Success Insights individual assessments to provide incredible insights into your staff.  Help understand your people, their motivations and how to get the highest return from any individual.  Additional services include group (or team) reports, detailed analytics reports for management, debriefs to management and/or all staff on the findings and recommended actions, and finally, personal development sessions for individuals on identified areas for improvement.

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Agile Skills and Competency Assessment:

We offer several solutions to assess your organization's Agile capabilities. The first is the individual Agile Skills and Competency Assessment. This online service analyzes practitioner knowledge of Agile fundamentals, methodologies, teams, planning levels, communication, user stories, prioritization, estimation, quality, metrics, and retrospectives. Individuals receive a detailed report depicting baseline scores in each area. Results are linked to our Agile Curriculum, so assessment results provide a roadmap for training and development. We also offer in-depth organizational assessments, in which a seasoned Agile expert visits your organization and works closely with you for several days to provide deep visibility into the state of your Agile practice.

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