Elon Bar-Evan

Elon Bar-Evan
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Perl
  • Software as as Service
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Open Source
  • Nginx
  • PaaS
  • Private Cloud

Elon Bar-Evan

DevOps Expert

Elon Bar-Evan has worked as a technical account manager and technical instructor in the DevOps space for the last 8-years.  Elon has delivered technical training on Chef configuration management, Test Driven Development using Docker containers and cloud technologies including AWS, Azure and he is a Google Certified instructor. 

Having taught enterprise software for 20+ years, Elon believes that to know a technology is to love a technology, and so he works tirelessly to make sure that no DevOps engineer is left behind. With decades of industry experience, Elon has worked extensively in the technology field as a technical trainer and technical account manager.

Elon has almost 20 years of experience as a technical trainer for a variety of cutting-edge tech companies. He has large amounts of experience using and training Chef, Puppet, AWS, and more.

As an integral part of creating Chef’s training program, Elon worked to create the best training program in the technical world, with the intention of making Chef incredibly easy to learn. He developed Chef's own Online Training program.

Elon is still Chef’s primary global training partner, having taught Chef on every continent except for Antarctica and in over 40 countries.

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