Erick Polsky

Erick Polsky

Name: Erick Polsky


  • Data Mining
  • Web applications
  • System integration
  • Legacy application  augmentation and replacement
  • DevOps

Notable Clients & Employers:

  • NCSU
  • UNC
  • Duke
  • Town of Cary
  • NC Mutual Life


  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint
  • .Net

Erick Polsky


Erick Polsky's career integrating application development with training delivery started back in 1989 when he developed and introduced the first online multimedia training content system to Harvard University.  Since then he has honed his business, programming, and database skills to provide highly customized software solutions and education.  Mr. Polsky provides stand up training and mentoring for various companies and universities with certifications in SQL Server, .Net Development, and SharePoint.   He is also an experienced consultant who manages a team of developers providing custom business application development.  His current projects interests include the latest developments in Big Data, DevOps, and Cloud Computing.

Erick Polsky owns a training and software consulting company in Cary, NC


  • Bachelors in Business Administration, Kent State University
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Developer, SharePoint Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer

Primary Expertise:

  • DB: SQL, PLSQL (Oracle), TSQL (SQL Server) queries, programming, design, architecture
  • Programming: C#, VB.Net, ASP, MVC, JavaScript including JQuery and other libraries
  • Technologies: NoSQL, Big Data, DevOps, SharePoint, CSS/HTML5
  • Apps: Office suite, Adobe suite


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