Jenny Tarwater

Subject-Matter-Expert Jenny Tarwater

Name:  Jenny Tarwater

Primary Expertise:   Agile: Scrum, SAFe and Kanban methodologies


  • BS, Business Administration and Management.
  • PMP, from PMI (Project Management Professional).
  • CSM and PSM from the Scrum Alliance (Certified and Professional).
  • SPC, from Scaled Agile Agency (Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant).

Notable Clients & Employers:

  • Kansas City
  • Sprint Nextel
  • Mutli Service
  • Chrysler

Jenny Tarwater


Jenny Tarwater (PMP, SPC, CSM, PSM) is a Project Management and Agile enthusiast who specializes in various Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban. A 20 year veteran of project management, Jenny demonstrates her skill as an instructor through her disciplined approach of cultivating success and growth in people, processes and products.

Jenny started her career at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she earned her BS in Business Administration. From there, Jenny worked as a manager and publisher for Multi Service, which allowed her to work in various fields. These included marketing, sales, and customer service. This wide range of experience enhances her proficiency as an instructor. Jenny found success in her career, receiving national accolades for the sale and launch of various projects. Working with Chrysler and Sprint, she furthered her learning of project management, and demonstrated her strong leadership with cross-functional teams.                                   

Her background of working with diverse groups has allowed her to hone her training for students of all levels and teams. From her time with smaller teams to her time at Sprint and Chrysler, Jenny has firsthand experience with not only leading Agile teams and projects, but also what it takes to transition companies of all sizes to an Agile culture. Jenny is able to go above and beyond in the training she provides thanks to her dedication and enthusiasm. Her enriched communication skills allow her to transfer her deep knowledge of project management and Agile methodologies to each of her students.

As an expert in Agile Methodologies and Project Management:

  Starting with a BS in Business Administration, Jenny’s career quickly developed into a Project Management success story. Working as a manager for Multi Service, Jenny gained experience leading a diverse team through all levels of the product development process. With Sprint, Jenny spent time managing new eBusiness features, leading cross-functional teams from analysis to launch of the project. She also took on many Agile roles, pushing for the implementation of Agile methodologies into Sprint’s organization.

Jenny’s enthusiasm over Agile methodologies inspired her to receive her certifications in project management, scrum, and SAFe. She has been a speaker for a number of events, sharing insight into effective leadership and project management. Jenny believes in perpetual improvement with the use of Agile methodologies, and her goal is to lead other to surpass goals, contribute positive impressions in collaborative environments and explore undiscovered opportunities and solutions through continuous learning.

Notable Achievements:

  • Featured in KC Business Magazine in their article on ‘30 Under 30 In KC’
  • Received “Best of Bytes” award from People Magazine for the sale and launch of Kansas City’s first web page for the Kansas City Board and Trade
  • Won the Sprint Excellence Top Award
  • Won the Sprint MMO Hoosier Hysteria Award #7 (Harry Campbell)
  • Launched the award-winning Chrysler Connected Vehicle platform, UConnect
  • Transformed Sprint’s Product Development organization into a successful Agile mobile application development division using Agile Methodologies



  • Veteran project management professional
  • Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe
  • Ability to effectively lead teams of various backgrounds and levels
  • Effectively leading projects from analysis to launch

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