Richard Stewart

Richard Stewart

Name: Richard Stewart

Primary Expertise:

Enterprise groupware and collaboration, Microsoft messaging environments, SharePoint deployments, Enterprise IT engineering, Groupware end user support, Business process automation


MCT, MCTS, MCITP, MCP, MCSA, MCSE:Messaging, MCSE:SharePoint

Notable Clients & Employers:

  • Walmart
  • Vanderbilt University

Richard Stewart


Richard has trained many hundreds of end users and SharePoint professionals since beginning his career as a trainer. His dynamic personality, sense of humor and engaging teaching style ensures that students remain interested and entertained so they remember the material they've learned in class. Besides his talents as a professional instructor and coach, Richard brings a wealth of real-world technology experience to class. Before his time as a full-time trainer, Richard worked as a network designer and systems architect for a number of small and medium businesses. Along the way, Richard has always specialized in solving the real-world user adoption and end-use problems commonly faced by any organization who implements client/server platforms. His deep understanding of operating systems and server environments has been a substantial benefit to many of our SharePoint training clients. When he works with clients, Richard also keeps an eye out for opportunities for automation, which often adds an increased layer of throughput and efficiency when trained teams return to work. It is also worth noting that Richard has extensive vertical experience training technology users in the healthcare sector, where the high demand for sharing records and documents in a virtual environment is a natural fit for SharePoint. Richard has many years of experience helping healthcare organizations set up these SharePoint environments, and is an expert at analyzing and addressing the complex needs of intranets and document sharing in healthcare organizations.

Notable Achievements:

  • Richard has taught many organizations both large and small to correctly design and implement their SharePoint deployments. With consistently high student feedback, he specializes in teaching teams and companies how to automate business processes with SharePoint. He is one of our most valued subject matter experts.
  • Richard was instrumental in the large organizational training program we performed for Vanderbilt University. The University had a large skills gap across many members of their organization, which we were able to address with a scaled rollout of fast-paced user training.
  • Richard is an expert at tying the collaborative potential of SharePoint to the powerful software features and process-building capability of Microsoft SharePoint and other Microsoft GroupWare environments. He has helped alleviate workflow bottlenecks at many organizations, and continues to find ways to automate and share the load of enterprise workflow across organizational resources for many large clients.
  • Richard has a long list of healthcare companies to whom he has delivered SharePoint and collaboration training. He understands the special needs of this sector and offers a wealth of valuable contextual experience when training clients in this space.


  • Microsoft SharePoint and associated skills
  • Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration
  • Telecommunications and Internet Technologies
  • Business Process Automation
  • Workflow Balancing
  • Enterprise GroupWare user adoption

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