Robert Carr

Robert Carr


  • RightScale Management Platform
  • Creating tools, scripts and templates to manage and automated large, production cloud deployments
  • Integrating Public and Private clouds into existing networking infrastructure
  • Private Cloud technologies: Eucalyptus, OpenStack and CloudStack
  • Amazon EC2
  • Networking, Ruby, Bash, Chef
  • RightScale & EC2 API

Notable Clients & Employers:

  • Dell EMC
  • RightScale, Inc
  • Cloudscaling


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, UC Santa Barbara


Robert Carr

Sr. Cloud System Engineer

Robert Carr was a Principal Software Engineer at both Cloudscaling, an Openstack services company, and also at Dell/EMC. Robert has been working in Cloud-based software development for nearly 10 years using Git, Jenkins, Python, Chef, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and AWS to deliver CI/CD best-practices internally and to clients. At both companies, he was instrumental in deploying and maintaining our Jenkins CI environment both on dedicated servers and using AWS cloud resources for a team of over 30 software developers with 10 different Git repositories. 

While working as a consultant for, Robert developed the Dockerized version of Jenkins used for their clients’ CI/CD pipelines and wrote custom bots that interacted with Jenkins to start jobs and retrieve job status.

Robert has extensive experience teaching Fortune 1000 companies to leverage Cloud Computing for their existing or planned cloud projects. With a complete understanding of the tools, skills and approaches necessary to run applications in public and private clouds, he is passionate about helping customers move existing workflows into the cloud quickly and safely.

Primary Expertise: 

  • Git/GitHub
  • Jenkins
  • Python
  • Chef
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services

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