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At ASPE, we are constantly adding new courses to our curriculum library to provide innovative solutions for your organization.


SAFe DevOps (SDP)

This two-day course provides a comprehensive overview for understanding the DevOps competencies needed to accelerate time-to-market by improving the flow of value through the Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Attendees will map the current value stream through their delivery pipeline from idea to cash, and identify practices that will eliminate bottlenecks to flow. 

Agile Boot Camp for Non-Software Work

Agile methodologies have become a mainstream component in the world of software development. Not surprising, Agile methods can be applied to many other types of business work. In our Agile Boot Camp for Non-Software Work, we apply Agile techniques to addressing business processes, infrastructure, operations, and other types of non-software work.

Building Effective Agile Teams

This course provides the participants a clear and practical understanding of the need to select the right people for an agile transformation project. We highlight the need to include an evaluation of the soft skills as well as the technical proficiency of every team member.


Git & GitHub Boot Camp

GitHub has made it even easier for developers to collaborate using Git. Both newcomers and seasoned software developers have flocked to GitHub for their projects, powered by a vibrant open source community. But GitHub is not only there for open source projects. More and more companies are moving towards GitHub because of its easy use and popularity among developers. This course is intended for teams wanting to collaborate using GitHub, and for developers wanting to improve their Git skills.

Fundamentals of Test Data Management

If you’re still doing manual testing and requesting help from other teams to gather data for testing, you’re not taking full advantage of delivering continuously. In this course, you will learn the principles, best practices, and tools for test data management through lecture and hands-on exercises.

Splunk Boot Camp

Splunk is playing a big role in how organizations make better decisions with meaningful data. In this Splunk training course, you will get two days of exercise-intensive training that will enable you to take full advantage of everything Splunk has to offer.

Continuous Integration with TeamCity

Continuous integration helps teams work better together. By creating a system where members of a development team can integrate their code for building and testing on a continuous basis, conflicts are caught quickly or even prevented before they occur. Learn how to integrate your workflow and provide real-time information about builds, tests, and deployments using TeamCity.

Designing RESTful Web Services

Learn the basics of RESTful services over HTTP, as well as the advanced features your team can make use of. You will learn why REST and HTTP are popular API specifications, and you will learn how to document your API such that it is lightweight and easy for your consumers to understand.


Microsoft Teams Workshop

Microsoft Teams is here and it’s awesome! Are you and your organization ready to collaborate in real time? Are you looking to integrate a wide range of tools into a single workspace so your team can quickly iterate on projects or better manage day-to-day business activities? Then Microsoft Teams is for you! This course will teach you everything you need to know to fully take advantage of this awesome new platform on Office 365.


ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Design

In this course, you will be immersed in the overall concepts, processes, policies, and methods associated with the service design phase of the service lifecycle. You will cover management and control of the activities and techniques within the service design stage, not the detail of each of the supporting processes.

ITIL Service Lifecycle: Service Strategy

In this course, you will be immersed in the overall concepts associated with the service strategy phase of the service lifecycle. You will get an introduction to the key principles of service strategy, and you will learn about the service strategy processes. You will discover the importance of governance and related frameworks, and you will examine implementation considerations and approaches, including organizational design, the role of technology, and service automation.