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At ASPE, we are constantly adding new courses to our curriculum library to provide innovative solutions for your organization.


Agile Leadership (ICP-ALP) Workshop

In this two-day Agile leadership training, participants learn why we need business agility, the personal key competencies to lead the transformation, and the organizational elements required to survive and thrive in today’s turbulent environment.

Agile Sales Management Workshop

This two-day course teaches you how to shift to an Agile approach, solving traditional sales problems while helping you make plans to implement Agile for your organization.

Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt Certification Workshop

The Yellow Belt Certification is aimed at those new to the world of Lean and Six Sigma. Those who have an interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge of continuous improvement.

Business Analysis in Agile Projects eLearning

This comprehensive eLearning program provides learners with a thorough understanding of this evolving role, including the tools and techniques best suited for becoming an effective Agile Business Analyst.

Advanced Jira for Agile Project Management​

This advanced JIRA training course is a hands-on, immersive boot camp that teaches you how to get more out of your Atlassian suite. This course helps you align your program and portfolio level goals within the enterprise and use JIRA as a single source of truth for delivery management.


DevSecOps Boot Camp

This DevSecOps boot camp is the most practical, in-depth educational solution for teams who want to understand, apply and improve their skills on “shifting left” in IT security. This expert-led boot camp focuses on the principles, processes, and technical skills necessary to make security and risk profiling a front-end priority: embracing a “quality first” mindset. Teams will leave class understanding that they have a responsibility for how applications and IT services perform when they are complete and in production…even if they are involved primarily in design, development or testing applications. 

Implementing Site Reliability Engineering

This three-day course will walk through the book Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems, edited by Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff, and Niall Richard Murphy. During the course, you will learn about Google's approach to service management, gain an understanding of the basics of site reliability engineering, and get an introduction to advanced topics.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop

At the end of this workshop, your team has a complete model of the value stream you address together. Guided by an expert, you will visualize workflows, find wastes, and establish improvement priorities. Get your teams connected and leave with a plan for optimizing processes for overall flow, speed and value.

Implementing a CI/CD Pipeline

This three-day, instructor-led, hands-on, technical class gives DevOps team members the ability to automate an entire end-to-end CI/CD pipeline. Primary tools used in class include Github, Chef, and Jenkins. You will also use ChefSpec, Inspec, Test Kitchen, Groovy, Maven, and JFrog Artifactory.

BitBucket for Version Control​

This course is intended for teams wanting to collaborate with Bitbucket, whether you’re looking to store source code, deploy software, or anything in between. You’ll discover the most useful parts of Bitbucket and learn how to create and manage Git repositories.


Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning Workshop​

In deep learning, a computer model learns to perform classification tasks directly from images, text, or sound. Deep learning models can achieve state-of-the-art accuracy, sometimes exceeding human-level performance. Models are trained by using a large set of labeled data and neural network architectures that contain many layers. This immersive deep learning course teaches you how to use this data to create outcomes to use in your development.

Amazon Redshift Workshop

This new Amazon Redshift training course will prepare you for success with the Amazon Redshift data warehouse in the AWS cloud. Led by an expert engineering instructor, you’ll learn the benefits of Redshift and how Redshift compares to other tools available for handling the data warehouse. 

Apache Kafka Data Streaming Boot Camp​

 Learn to use Apache Kafka to power large-scale enterprise data solutions. Big data, AI architectures, microservices in production, and real-time data-driven applications.

Software Testing:

Behavior Driven Development Workshop

This behavior driven development training course helps participants understand how to transform requirements accurately into testable specifications. This is a collaborative, efficient manner that minimizes waste. It addresses requirements, specifications, implementation, and testing.


Google Marketing Platform Boot Camp

Learn all of Google’s Ad & measurement tools in one setting so you can gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become a highly qualified digital marketer. Attendees will get hands-on practice during class in order to learn all the tools. Real experience and practice is the main enabler to becoming proficient.