Live Online Training

You can now attend ASPE's industry leading training courses from anywhere in the world. Learn how our live online training courses utilize Zoom to connect you with one of our expert instructors in an online environment to give you the same experience you would get in our classroom training.

Get the Same Benefits as a Traditional Classroom

  • Live expert instruction: The instructor is live and can answer any of your questions in real time. You can communicate with the instructor both electronically and verbally in our live online training, interacting just as you would in the classroom.
  • Courseware: Students will be provided with a high-quality version of the course materials in an electronic/digital format. Materials are provided to students upon registration for their class.
  • Labs: The critical component...we conduct hands-on group activities in breakout sessions utilizing the power of Zoom. You'll get the same benefits of group exercises that you would in a classroom setting.
  • Peer Interaction: Even in this virtual, live online training environment you will gain valuable knowledge interacting with your peers in class, in our breakout sessions, and during course lectures. 

Popular Live Online Courses

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We currently offer most courses as live online training. Depending on the content and format of each course they may vary from one day to many days over the course of several weeks (see details below for course times and durations). In order to attend, payment or a purchase order must be received prior to the start date of class. Live online training courses run 12:00pm to 4:30pm EST unless otherwise noted.

Testimonials of Past Attendees

"Zoom was really easy to use and seamless for transitioning between breakout rooms and main classroom."

"The online training was much better than having to attend a classroom in person. I learned so much more than I typically learn in a classroom setting."

"I really enjoyed the delivery format.  It enabled folks like me to be able to get training without too much disruption to our hectic calendars.  The zoom software was perfect for this course with all the needed breakout sessions and it was webcam compatible. The instructor did a great job conducting the class"

"I loved it! In fact, if all online training is done as well as this class I greatly prefer it over travel to training sites. We had a very interactive group of participants which I'm sure greatly helped make this is a good experience. The info scrolling through the chat windows was very helpful. It was also great way to be able to get immediate yes/on responses from the group. Our instructor did a really GREAT job managing an online class. He was very welcoming to feedback and discussion but at the same time kept things on task very well."

"I looked at other cities for training, but logistics complicated things by adding significant costs for time, travel, and hotel expenses. The live online remote class worked out really well because I was able to participate from home and still earn the PDUs I needed."

"Interesting format. I was skeptical about it's effectiveness, but I think it worked well. Everyone remained engaged in the class."

"There was a uniquely balanced composition of scenario breakouts and lectures for an online learning format. I am pleased to see institutions understanding and implementing the value of discussion and participation in this format. That was a high contributor to my overall satisfaction and intention for recommending ASPE online courses."

"I was amazed at how well this class went. I was sort of dreading a web-based training, but it went very, very well. Great interaction, I didn't get distracted, and the instructor was very, very good."

"I had no issues with viewing the slides on my laptop, no internet disruptions or hearing the teacher on the phone."

"I liked the on line training, there were only 3 students and that made it very interactive."

"This is the first virtual training class I have taken. It was great. I learned just as much as I would have in a traditional classroom."

"Great class! Loved the online experience! Will be looking for other online classes to take."

"I am really happy taking this remotely. I was hesitant to take a multiday class online. It is a great way to take a class and interact with a smaller group. Really liked how we worked online and we were all able to add to the slides."

"I have never taken a virtual class before and was pleased with the amount of interaction and discussion opportunities. I thought it would basically just be a lecture, but the class was very fun, had a good pace, and allowed for discussion and real world practice. [The instructor] was very knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, and made me feel at ease. He was very skilled at the virtual classroom and could navigate or switch between screens smoothly with very little down time."

NEW - Extended Live Online Training

If you have limited time to commit to training, ASPE's new extended live online training could be the option you're looking for. Extended live online training spans across multiple weeks, but allows you to dedicate just a small portion of each work week to it while receiving the same quality instruction you would in regular live online training or a traditional classroom environment. Advance your career, and still make your afternoon meeting. 

Why choose extended live online training?

  • Minimize interference with your work schedule
  • Stay more engaged in each session
  • Advance your career even further



FAQ Live Online Learning

What platform do you use for online classes?

ASPE Training uses the Zoom platform to conduct live, online classes.

Do you have a test link I can use to make sure my network will allow me to take the class?

Absolutely! It is imperative you test your system for compatibility prior to class to avoid any class delay:
If you are unable to complete the Zoom Test, we recommend that you contact your internal IT support to help you install and configure the application, so you will be ready the first day of class.

What do I do if there are any technical issues?

For Zoom technical issues – please call 1.888.799.9666 ext 2 or submit a ticket: 

Do you have any tutorials I can participate in so I can see how Zoom works?

Here is a helpful tutorial regarding the audio and webcam features of Zoom:

How do I login to class?

You will receive an invitation via email from providing you with all necessary class information including the times, dates, class link, and course materials for you to participate in your course.

Is a webcam necessary?

Currently, our only course that requires attendees to participate via webcam is the Agile Coaching Workshop, which provides students with the corresponding ICAgile certification.  Although not necessary for other courses, you will have the ability to put yourself on webcam for any of our classes if you so choose.  Instructors may occasionally choose to be on webcam throughout the class also.