Self-Paced eLearning

In-demand, self-paced eLearning is a great way to increase performance by learning valuable skills and knowledge needed to advance your career. Not only is eLearning from ASPE Training significantly less expensive saving your organization budget dollars, but it allows you to spend less time traveling to training and more time learning. Take advantage of this user-friendly professional development opportunity whenever it fits into your busy schedule, and wherever you can connect to the internet.

Following the same great format and topics of our in person training, eLearning is: 

  • On-Demand: access to the course 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Self-Paced: course is completed on your own time with access to stop and save at the end of each module
  • Interactive: modules are video based with exercises, required readings, and assessment questions

On-demand, self-paced eLearning courses from ASPE are delivered exclusively online in short, easy-to-absorb video based modules with exercises, required readings, and assessment questions to enhance your comprehension along the way and are available around the clock. Progress is driven solely by the student allowing you to move through your course content at your own pace.

Take your class any time you want, anywhere you want, with no additional software to download—all you need is an internet connection. Study at your own pace and access your course when it is convenient for you. Courses are available for 90 days after purchase. Enrolling in eLearning also gives you access to an ASPE instructor in order to ask an expert any remaining questions.

Customer Testimonials:

"The course provided just what I expected. It was worth the time and effort."

"I chose an eLearning environment because my work schedule is too demanding, inflexible, and unpredictable to attend the scheduled live classes."

"The eLearning environment is convenient and effective when teaching material when the class is engaging, challenging, and blemish free."

"I completed the PM 101 self-paced course a few days ago—great material and presentation!"

"I like the course, I learned many new concepts and methods; but I need to review my notes again to understand and solve the questions that I have."

"The overall content and course was good. There are places where a little more time is needed between the questions and display of the (possible) answers on the presentation. It is difficult to tell when the moderator instructions end so you should pause to work through the practice exercise."

"This delivery method is a good return on investment for time constraints and job disruptions."

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Currently Offered On-Demand, Self-Paced eLearning Courses by Curriculum:

Agile eLearning

Introduction to Agile | 68 Minute Video | 2 PDUs
This Introduction to Agile training course will lay the foundation for building your Agile success. Define the principles, advantages, and disadvantages of Agile development. Understand and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities for Agile. Finally get a detailed understanding and practice the collaboration and communication needed between customer and developers for Agile to succeed.

Agile Testing eLearning | 232 Minute Video | 8 PDUs
This course will demonstrate how an Agile testing approach enhances delivery speed and improves overall quality. Learning the goals of Agile will help you transition, implement and monitor testing in an Agile environment and integrate traditional testing skills and knowledge into Agile development teams.

Agile Project Management eLearning | 5 PDUs
In this Agile Project Management training course you will learn advanced project management skills to help you, the servant leader of your Agile teams, enable your team(s) to deliver what your customers want faster and with better quality than ever before!

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) Fast Pass
CSP Fast Pass is your ticket to fast tracking the completion of your CSP certification in as little as four months. At the end of this program, you will have clearly established yourself as a serious professional with the relevant experience, must-have skills and practical know-how to lead Scrum and Agile teams.

Business Analyst eLearning

Business Analyst Fundamentals | 91 Minute Video | 5 PDUs
This business analyst training course will teach you to master the essential skills to thrive as a Business Analyst. Learn key communication skills, interaction techniques, and problem solving skills required to leverage your IT and business knowledge to effectively understand, document, and present the requirements that define a project's scope.

Critical Skills for Writing Better Requirements | 188 Minute Video | 7 PDUs
This course will give you experience with the latest proven techniques for gathering requirements. You will be provided with the competence and confidence to improve project outcomes through better requirements elicitation. You'll gain a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in defining correct requirements, practical approaches for eliciting and documenting requirements, and strategies for managing requirements throughout the project life cycle. If you participate in defining project scope, capturing requirements, or managing project scope, you can't afford to miss this course!

Developing Requirements with Use Cases | 91 Minute Video | 5 PDUs
This two-day advanced course will build on your existing knowledge of the use case approach to give you hands-on experience with the latest proven techniques for developing use cases, discovering other types of requirements, and documenting them expertly. Lively lectures combined with insightful demonstrations and realistic practice exercises will equip you with the capability and confidence to improve your project outcomes through better requirements and use case development.

Data Analyst eLearning

Big Data Strategy eLearning | 8 Hours
This unique Big Data strategy training focuses on Big Data from a business perspective and will provide you with all the knowledge and valuable insights to develop a successful and winning Big Data strategy. This is the only training available that focuses on Big Data from a strategic point of view.

Introduction to R | 4 Hours
This self-paced class is especially designed for people who are new to R or to any software languages. The class offers students a very detailed introduction to a core R language. After the completion of the class the students will be able to create and run their own R scripts. The class offers a very large number of exercises and problems that will help build R skills. 

Applied Statistics for Data Scientists | 2 Hours

This self-paced class is an excellent hands-on walkthrough of the most foundational techniques used to understand and ask questions of datasets. The statistical techniques taught in this workshop underpin virtually every common method for analyzing data. They also provide a practical, useful introduction to contemporary data science techniques.

DevOps eLearning

Fundamentals of DevOps eLearning  | 8 hours 

This DevOps eLearning is loaded with practical real-world tools and techniques. From the nation's largest Agile development trainers comes a comprehensive program to get you started on the road to DevOps success. You will leave this course fully literate in the whole array of available DevOps tools and lessons, ready to select what's right for you and chart a path to holistic long-term IT success in your own organization.

ITIL eLearning

ITIL Foundation eLearning | 18 Hours  | 18 PDUs

The ITIL Foundation Premium eLearning Course offers scenario‐based training with real‐life connects. Learners will attend a Virtual Training Conference at the majestic Royal Chao Phraya Hotel in Bangkok. In this virtual atmosphere, the learners will attend conference sessions hosted by two ITIL Experts, who will explain the foundations of ITIL. As part of the learner’s stay at the hotel, they will have the opportunity to assist the hotel management team with different projects and scenarios that will test their new ITIL knowledge.

ITIL Practitioner eLearning | 24 Hours

This course is the next logical step for individuals who have earned the ITIL Foundation Certificate and are familiar with the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of ITIL. ITIL Practitioner will focus on the ‘how’. This course is developed by practitioners for practitioners! Individuals, teams, and organizations will learn to address the challenges faced by them due to IT Service Management (ITSM) improvement initiatives. You will learn to describe, explain, and distinguish among the various elements of being an ITIL Practitioner. You will also receive the official ITIL Practitioner publication from AXELOS, the ITIL Practitioner eLearning Voucher, and the ability to schedule your exam via Webcam Proctor.

Marketing eLearning

Social Media Boot Camp | 240 Minute Video
Learn to Maximize Your Business and Sales Potential through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and more in this social media training course. 

Content Marketing Boot Camp | 61 Minute Video
Learn to optimize your search visibility and website traffic using concise, high–impact content marketing strategies. 

Google Marketing Boot Camp | 232 Minute Video
The demand for individuals with knowledge and experience of Google online marketing has never been higher! Gain the knowledge and experience necessary to transform into a highly qualified online marketer.

Mobile Marketing Boot Camp | 160 Minute Video
Leverage the enormous potential of location-based targeting, local user demography, and mobile device campaign tools.

Online Lead Generation Boot Camp | 100 Minute Video
Convert web traffic & leads into sales. Gain the information necessary to understand and master the online lead generation process. 

Project Management eLearning

Agile Project Management eLearning | 5 PDUs
In this Agile Project Management training course you will learn advanced project management skills to help you, the servant leader of your Agile teams, enable your team(s) to deliver what your customers want faster and with better quality than ever before!

Project Management 101 - The Fundamentals of Project Management eLearning | 8 PDUs
Increase project success and stakeholder satisfaction by learning best practices for planning projects, gathering requirements, managing scope, increasing communication, budgeting and more.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Boot Camp | 21 PDUs
This PMI-ACP training course not only prepares you to lead your next Agile project effort, but ensures that you're prepared to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam. This course provides a proven combination of learning and testing that prepares students for some of the most difficult of testing situations.

PMP Exam Prep eLearning | 35 Hours | 35 PDUs
This eLearning course is aimed at people who work, or would like to work, on projects on a daily basis and would like to achieve the PMP® Certification. Specifically, this course is for project managers who want to master the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and improve their skills in managing projects.

SharePoint eLearning

SharePoint 2013 for End Users | 213 Minute Video | 6 PDUs
This is the first SharePoint course you should take if you have little or no experience using SharePoint. Learn what SharePoint is, how companies are using SharePoint, the business value of SharePoint, and the basics of using a SharePoint Site. Finish knowing: how to use the out-of-the-box Apps in SharePoint 2013 including Lists and Libraries; the importance of the social features for making data more findable; and how search is affected by user interaction via tagging and following.

Intro to Custom Workflows in SharePoint Designer eLearning | 58 Minute Video | 2 PDUs
This course explores the world of workflow within business process automation. SharePoint 2013 workflow provides users with many exciting tools for fully integrated automated solutions. This class uses a real-world approach to out-of-the-box workflows for approval, feedback, and issue tracking.

Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2013 eLearning | 114 Minute Video | 3 PDUs
This class includes content, lecture and demonstrations on Enterprise Content Management and the importance of "Putability and Findability." The old saying "garbage in garbage out" is still very applicable to SharePoint data. The student will learn the importance of getting data into SharePoint so that it becomes findable through Search, Business Intelligence and Reporting.

SharePoint 2013 Lists eLearning | 114 Minute Video | 3 PDUs
This class goes into detail on how to use the most common Lists as well as how to build Lists that are specific to how the business operates. Students will learn how to navigate a SharePoint site and how to work with data in Lists. Because this course is a deep-dive into advanced concepts, the student will not only understand how to configure and build Lists and Libraries, but how to do so to address the bigger picture of being able to find valuable information across the enterprise.

SharePoint 2013 Libraries eLearning | 77 Minute Video | 2 PDUs
This class goes into detail on how to use the most common Libraries as well as how to build Libraries that are specific to how the business operates. Students will learn how to navigate a SharePoint site, how to work with documents in Libraries and how to use Libraries to store and collaborate on documents. As an organization creates new Libraries to manage business processes, the student will be able to immediately use those Libraries. 

Software Testing & QA eLearning

Fundamentals of Software Testing | 159 Minute Video | 6 PDUs
Fundamentals of Software Testing eLearning provides an eye-opening view into this challenging task. It provides a complete picture of the testing process, how it fits into the development life cycle, how to properly scope and prioritize testing activities, and what techniques to use for optimal results. This elearning course begins with a deep-dive into the Universal Testing Method, followed by a close look at testing phases, testing approaches, non-functional testing, and testing for different platforms.

eSoftware Tester Certification - Foundation Level (e-learning package)

Delivered by top experts in the testing industry, eSoftware Tester Certification is an accredited online training course to prepare you for the ISTQB™ Certified Tester—Foundation Level exam. This self-paced course introduces the learners to the Lifecycle of managing IT Services to deliver to business expectations. It offers concrete foundation knowledge of the core disciplines of ITIL. This Premium course comes with exclusive features, such as the scenario-based training approach, a Quick Reference Card, and a First Aid Kit.