PMO Practitioner's Guide

Project Management GuideThis project management guide contains valuable lessons to help you expedite your learning, maximize the value delivered to customers, and reap the benefits of your successful project outcomes.

As you continue your journey in Project Management, you may have discovered that great Project Managers tend to have very different habits compared to the average (“good”) Project Manager. Great Project Managers have one special skill that most average PM’s do not – the commitment to continuously learn from both the good and the bad in order to improve their craft over time.

You will cover the following lessons in-depth:

  • Lesson 1 – How you manage risks (NOT issues) will make or break your project
  • Lesson 2 – Requirements Management is NOT a science, but an art
  • Lesson 3 – You CAN avoid “no-win” situations
  • Lesson 4 – Sponsors and stakeholders must be managed strategically

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