What is the best way to do a daily stand-up meeting?

Eugene LaiMon, 07/01/2019 - 09:35

What is the best way to do a daily stand-up meeting?

The daily stand-up meeting…one of the simplest yet often the most dreaded meetings of the day for teams that are new to Agile/Scrum.

Have you ever experienced a highly-efficient and effective Daily Scrum/Stand-up? It is a rare sight to see, but it can be highly energizing and motivating if done right.

So what should you do? Hire the best Scrum Master you can afford?

Best Way to Do Standup

There are several techniques to an effective Daily Scrum, but I have an idea that may sound strange – ask the team how they want to use the 15 minutes to get aligned each day. Also, tell the Scrum Master to say as little as possible to give the team the space to find their way together, as a team.

This may not work so well in the beginning. Your technical experts will want to get right into the weeds of the problems and successes, which should be expected. The Scrum Master should be ready to step in and redirect the conversation to focus on the plan for the day and obstacles that need to be removed.

The “free form” method for executing the Daily Scrum is a technique that usually works best with mature teams, but I think that even less mature teams should try it because it promotes an acceleration of the learning through the team development stages, from “forming” to “storming” to “norming” to “performing”. With this “loose” structure, you should expect more constructive conflict, which needs to be managed as they come up, but hopefully they can be seen as positive experiences.

In closing, there is no single “best way” to do a Daily Scrum. You could follow what everyone else is doing, or try something different. Either way, be sure to leverage your Retrospective to reflect on what’s working and make adjustments as often as needed to get where your team needs to go.

For additional tips on how to manage a Daily Scrum, see article “5 tips to help you keep your Daily Scrum to 15 minutes”.