Should My Business Use Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Sheila Hart-O'ConnorWed, 08/21/2019 - 09:35

*This blog was originally posted by RSO Consulting and can be found here.

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Paid advertising is a powerful way to boost brand awareness, increase leads and sales, and find new customers all within your budget.

Yet, it can be confusing to determine which paid advertising platform is best for your business: Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Google Ads, of course, shows your ads on its search results pages (or across its display network – read about search and display ads here).

Google Ads
Google Ads or Facebook Ads? Your ads on Google search results are the first things users see.

Facebook, on the other hand, shows your ads within the feed on its social platform.

Facebook Ads, shown in the feed, make paid advertising feel more natural.

How to Decide Between Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Ultimately, when deciding between Google Ads and Facebook Ads for your business, you can think about it this way (per WordStream):

Google Ads helps you find new customers while Facebook Ads helps new customers find you.

Therefore, in order to select the right platform, you need to understand 1) your paid advertising goals and 2) how each platform helps you achieve them.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular paid search platform on the planet – and for good reason. It fields more than 3.5 billion search queries every single day, so advertisers have tons of opportunities to reach people looking for their goods and services.

To help you find new customers, Google considers the keywords you bid on, as well as the quality and relevance of your ads. Then, it displays your ads to users who will find them the most relevant, improving the user experience and your chances of attracting new business.

If your goal with paid advertising is to get more new customers, or increased leads and sales, then Google Ads may be the right platform for your business. You can also tap into Google’s display network if you want to increase brand awareness.

Facebook Ads

On the other hand, if your paid advertising goals include growing your presence on social media (and thereby increasing sales and leads), then Facebook Ads may be your answer.

Rather than helping you find customers based on keywords, Facebook Ads helps users find you by giving you incredible targeting capabilities for your ads. For example, you can reach Facebook users who live within a 5-mile radius, who are interested in your type of goods or services, who own a smartphone…the list goes on and on.

With Google Ads, you have to wait until users perform searches related to your ads, but with Facebook Ads your paid advertising gets served to them, based on their interests, behaviors, and other defining categories.

The Verdict

While Google Ads and Facebook Ads serve ads differently, they both offer big benefits for businesses interested in paid advertising.

Once you have a grasp on your advertising goals, and you become familiar with how each platform works, you can decide on the best platform.

Of course, combining Google Ads and Facebook Ads is a highly effective strategy for paid advertising because it offers the advantages of large numbers of users along with unparalleled targeting capabilities.