How to Create Your First SharePoint Site

Justin AntczakFri, 08/02/2019 - 12:14

When you first begin to use SharePoint, there are so many settings and features that it can be overwhelming.  This post will teach you how to get started in SharePoint and cover some of the basic setup for a SharePoint Site.

When in Office 365, you first will need to launch SharePoint from the Office 365 portal.

Creating a SharePoint Site

Next, select “Create Site”.

How to Create SharePoint Site

Choose the type of Site you want to create.  In this example, we will create a Team site.

Create a SharePoint Site

Fill in the information about your site.  By default, this will also create an Office 365 group, although this can be changed in the admin center.

Input SharePoint Site Name

Add additional owners and members to your group.  Owners will have full control access to your site and Members will have edit rights.  You can add owners and members later, as well as configure more specific permissions and groups as needed.  The creator of the site collection will automatically have full admin access.

Add Additional Owners and Members to SharePoint Site

The home page will have a few apps by default to get you started, as well as some built in Navigation.  Let’s look at each part:

Quick Launch:  This section of the site contains useful links to various parts of your SharePoint Site.  It will appear on all pages of your site.  You can also add your own links.  It is best practice to use the quick launch for links within your SharePoint site.  The search bar in the quick launch can be used to search for content on the site, and the scope will be limited to content on the current site and any subsites below it.

Quick Launch

News App:  This app allows you to quickly and easily display content that you want everyone who visits the page to see right away.  Updating the News app is also very fast, so you can always keep your page up to date.News AppQuick Links:  This app contains links that you want to be easily accessible to visitors of the site.  Unlike the Quick Launch, the links displayed in this app will only show on the specific page you add them.  This means that they should be specific to the audience and purpose of the current page.  This is also where you would put external links.

Quick Links

Activity App:  Here you can see the recent activity on the site, and when it occurred.  This dynamic app is updated automatically.

Activity App

Documents App:  One of the most common and frequently used apps in SharePoint.  Documents are stored in SharePoint Libraries and can be accessed via apps placed on SharePoint pages.  The default library is called “Documents”, but you can create as many as you need.  Multiple libraries can be placed on a single page with various views to create your own dashboards of SharePoint content specific to your needs!

Documents App

These apps are just the beginning though!  The edit button in the top left will allow you to modify these apps and add many more.  You can add lists, calendars, media, social media connectors and even custom apps right in your SharePoint page!  Here are some of the apps available now:

Adding other Apps

App options

App options

App options

App options

App options

App options

The possibilities in SharePoint are endless!  Adding content to your sites has never been easier!  Of course, that can also be a downside if you are not careful.  Proper planning and governance are essential so that your sites don’t become a jumbled mess and a maintenance nightmare, but that is the topic of another post.