Agile Coach - 3 Reasons your Team Needs one ASAP

Eugene LaiTue, 07/16/2019 - 09:29

Do you have a new Scrum team that doesn’t know how to start working in an Agile-centric manner? Or, do you have a good (but not great) Scrum team and you are not sure how to help them get to the next level? Is your Scrum Master struggling to keep the team focused on delivering value consistently?

If you manage or are accountable for the results of a Scrum team, you are likely in one (or more) of these situations described above.

This means that you need to get some help…ASAP!

Reasons you need an Agile Coach

Reason #1 for hiring an Agile Coach – Your Scrum Master doesn’t know what the team needs to change

Why do you want some expensive outsider to come in and tell you all the things that your team is not doing right? Because that is how change will take place. Without an objective perspective to evaluate the current state of your team, it will be extremely difficult to find the one or two key changes that will truly make a difference.

Reason #2 for hiring an Agile Coach – Your Scrum Master doesn’t know how to coach (or too busy to learn to coach)

Of course, you want your team to improve. We all want our teams to do more, do things better, faster. You may wonder, “Isn’t it the Scrum Master’s job to coach the team and help them improve?”. The short answer is “Yes!”, but the reality is that most Scrum Masters are inexperienced in coaching and mentoring or too busy dealing with administrative tasks such as updating the Agile tool or reserving a conference room.

Reason #3 for hiring an Agile Coach – The team has tried “everything”

Even if your team has been doing Retrospectives regularly, and experimenting with new ways of doing things, it is very possible that the team has simply run out of ideas. This may sound strange, but even for professionals like us, we eventually run out of ideas because these ideas are based on our collective experience, which is finite! This is why you need a professional coach who has vast experience with a wide range of situations that we may not have encountered before.

In closing, if your team is not improving, it may be time to get some help to see what can be done. I am confident that if you find the right person, it will be a worthwhile investment!

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