Why do we need Agile Software Development?

Eugene LaiMon, 06/29/2020 - 14:52

If you are trying to decide whether to adopt Agile software development, or would like to convince someone in a position of higher authority to sponsor this change, here is a common question that you will need to answer: “Why do we need Agile Software Development?”

In this brief article, I will share with you a few ideas as food for thought. Here are a few reasons that working on shorter cycles and delivering incremental functionality provides a higher chance for success than ever.

Why do we need Agile Software Development

Reason #1 – The world is too unpredictable

The global socio-economic condition is changing more quickly than ever, which means there is more uncertainty and complexity than ever. What this boils down to is that in most situations, it is too risky to take too long to build/test/deliver something because the solution will either no longer be relevant or a competitor could beat you to the market.

Reason #2 – Our assumptions may not hold true for a long period of time

With the speed of change continuing to rise, as do the risk of our assumptions being incorrect. This means we need to experiment and test our assumptions as early as possible, as frequently as possible, so that we can examine the customer needs and give them what they need, when they need it.

Reason #3 – Team dynamics are changing frequently

The days of stable teams and resources are long gone for the most part due to globalization. Business organizations are now able to identify and attract skilled workers all across the world. This means that we need to enhance our ability to engage and collaborate effectively with virtual team member to optimize the delivery of value to our customers.

Reason #4 – Processes and tools are accelerating faster than ever

With the quality of tools and technology increasing significantly, even small start-up companies can become big players in a very short period of time. This means the playing field is much more competitive than ever, and organizations must continuously inspect and adapt their processes and tools.

Regardless of the industry in which your organization currently operate, the demand to deliver faster and cheaper will continue to rise. Hence, if you have not yet seriously considered Agile way of working, this is the time to invest valuable time and energy…it’s a safe bet that your competition is already doing so today!