Why I Hate SharePoint - Part 8

ASPETue, 07/24/2018 - 16:19

Why I Hate SharePoint

Governance is Required?  What is Governance Anyway?

Blog Part 8 of 10

The importance of SharePoint Governance cannot be understated.  But most "green" SharePoint organizations do not even consider Governance until it's too late.  Many organizations even consider Governance a simple document to be created and kept on hand just for the purpose of having one.  SharePoint Governance should be driving and managing your SharePoint deployment and ongoing production.   Before even placing SharePoint into production, the Governance should be well on its way to providing the central governing principles and management procedures for your SharePoint environment.

So, what exactly is SharePoint Governance?

Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how an organization's business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals. Every organization has unique needs and goals that influence its approach to governance. Larger organizations will probably require more—and more detailed—governance than smaller organizations. A good governance plan can:

  • Streamline the deployment of products and technologies, such as SharePoint Server.
  • Help keep your organization’s system secure and compliant.
  • Help ensure the best return on your investment in technology.

Governance "runs" your SharePoint system.  Governance includes:

  • Hardware and Software requirements
  • Principles
  • SharePoint vision
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Details your Enterprise Taxonomy and Folksonomy and how they are managed and measured
  • Explains in-depth your plan for Training and Support
  • Site creation and lifecycle management policy
  • Details the Governance Team
  • Explains process for conflict mitigation
  • Reporting and accountability expectations on the effectiveness of Governance

These are just a few of the considerations for Governance.  Too many organizations find out years too late that there needs to be a management infrastructure in place.  Look, SharePoint is an information management and collaboration platform that will have reach into everything your business does, how people collaborate, and how your information is stored and discovered.  As organizations get started with SharePoint, they rarely realize the impact of SharePoint.  It has the potential to completely change the way your people work together and the way information flows within your enterprise.  Governance is more important at the beginning than anything else.

Governance helps to manage or address many SharePoint management processes:

  • All of the default settings, configuration, and features that need to be considered
  • Default templates and solutions that should be deployed
  • Management of content sprawl
  • Policies and procedures for document lifecycle management
  • Defines the standardized navigation, branding, and consistent user experience
  • Defines the management chain-of-command and escalation and conflict mitigation policies
  • Ensures that SharePoint vision, mission, and goals match your organization vision, mission, and goals.
  • Guarantees compliance with legal and regulatory compliance 

Without Governance, SharePoint will likely be an unsuccessful endeavor.  You can take experience from across an organization and analyze what happens when there is no planning, policies, or procedures.  There is chaos. 

Governance can be a fun process as well.  From a leadership perspective, it’s an opportunity to bring together people from across the organization to work together to brainstorm and plan a system than can greatly improve efficiency and productivity.  Everyone should have a place at the table when it comes to governance.  Each information working should have a say.  Adoption is critical and involving as many people as possible as early as possible will help.  When someone is invested early on, they have a stake in the success.  Here are just a few of the people that should be involved in the governance planning:

Executive Stakeholders

Financial Stakeholders

Business Division Leaders

IT Managers

Software Development Leaders

Technical Specialists

Information Specialists

Taxonomy Specialists

Information Architects

Compliance Officers

AND YOU!  The End User! 

Governance can be fun and can make or break your SharePoint deployment.