Why Improve?

Kelley BrunsThu, 02/02/2017 - 15:48

As the beginning of another new year is upon us, it is natural to think about improvements.  Most of us want to be better today than we were yesterday.  And yes, you may have encountered a few people who are exceptions to that statement.  To become better we focus on improving ourselves because that is all we can control.  These improvements could be personal, professional, or both. 

The challenges with improvement are that it isn’t easy to:

1) identify where to begin

2) develop a plan for improvement

3) act on that plan 

If we’re not careful in identifying the problem or the opportunity for improvement, we end up treating a symptom instead of the root cause.  Treating symptoms does not create the improvements we want and that we deserve. 

Since you’re still reading this blog, that means you want to improve yourself.  Where should you focus your energy?  An excellent starting point is with processes.  Are there processes you conduct personally or at work that are frustrating you?  Are there processes at work that are impacting quality or causing stakeholders to be dissatisfied?  Are there processes you see that could be faster, easier, cheaper, streamlined, more efficient, etc.?  If yes, we have some help for you.

Using problem solving and process improvement techniques is a fantastic way to begin your journey.  These techniques provide structure and a step-by-step approach to follow to make improvements more effective.

 At ASPE, we offer a workshop called Business Process Analysis & Design that will equip you with practice on these techniques to begin your improvement journey.  Before more time goes by, check out the outline today so periodically and at the end of the year you can reflect on what you are improving –  both personally and/or professionally.  You’ll be glad you did!