Advice for New Business Analysts - Rob Snowden

Advice to New Business Analysts

This is a HIGH Career Spotlight – How I Got Here. This paper contains valuable advice to anyone who is new, or sort of new, to the Business Analyst career. Anyone who is wondering how to develop their career besides plugging away and “waiting for something or someone to show them the way,” as Pink Floyd said in Comfortably Numb, would benefit from this paper.

This spotlight follows ASPE's Rob Snowden. A veteran Business Analyst of over 30 years, he explains his business analysis career journey and the steps he took to originally become a Business Analyst.

Section Breakdown:

  • Being Too Comfortable
  • Starting Out and Getting Uncomfortable
  • Becoming a BA, Leverage, Bargaining, Business Knowledge and Realizing Strengths
  • Requirements Analyst – Keep Leveraging and Realizing Your Strengths
  • Health Care, Leveraging, Do What You Do Best, Take the Path of Least Resistance
  • A Word On Certifications
  • Conclusion