AWS Well-Architected Review

Amazon Web ServicesAWS Well-Architected ReviewTake a deep-dive into optimizing a corporate AWS Cloud Architecture for maximum scalability, reliability, and security.

Amazon Web Sercies (AWS) is quickly growing and continues to introduce so many new features that it becomes challenging just to keep up. With these fast-paced changes, optimizing your corporate AWS Cloud Architecture might seem like a daunting task. This AWS cloud whitepaper will not only help you with keeping up with this quickly emerging platform, but also with staying ahead of the curve by optimizing your architecture for maximum scalability, reliability and security.

This whitepaper goes into detail on the following topics:

  • Why and How to Move to the Cloud
  • AWS Evolution
  • The Well-Architected Framework and the Benefits
  • The AWS Well-Architected Review
    • Tools
    • Who Benefits?
    • The Review Process
    • Options
  • Common Findings and Key Takeaways

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