IDing and Describing Project Stakeholders and Personas

Not the Usual SuspectsIDing Stakeholders Preview

Whatever the project justification and the goal, many things need to be done to ensure success. As Business Analysts, we tend to think along the lines of getting the requirements right – a project that is on time and within budget, but with poor requirements, is a failure. Although that’s true, it’s not just about requirements, but engaging stakeholders – the right stakeholders.

Failure to identify the correct stakeholders can spell disaster for any project. In this whitepaper, Rob Snowden discusses how to use personas, to identify ALL the right stakeholders, leading to project success and happy end users.

Topics Covered in this Playbook Include: 

  • How to identify and categorize stakeholders
  • How do you benefit form Identifying stakeholders
  • Creating a context diagram
  • How to schedule and run a kickoff meeting for your stakeholders
  • Managing stakeholder engagement
  • Using Personas to understand your stakeholders


Download “IDing and Describing Project Stakeholders and Personas” now to ensure project success and stay out of trouble.