Rethinking BPMN Part 2: The Process to Model Processes

PreviewIn our last whitepaper (Rethinking BPMN: What is a GOOD Process Model), we discussed what makes a process model work, in the second part we propose a process to model processes (the meta-process, as buzzword fans may like
to call it). As I often do, we will use a WHY-WHAT-HOW-WHO-WHEN-WHERE framework to structure our thinking.

How do you even start?

This free white paper will break down the best approach to building a process model that fits your needs.

What's inside?

The "Process Model Process" is broken down into stages:

  • Stage 1: PURPOSE.
  • Stage 2: HEAD to TAIL (yes, humans have tails, too).
  • Stage 3: BACKBONE.
  • Stage 4: SKELETON.
  • Stage 5: SYSTEM to SUBSYSTEMS.
  • Stage 6: WHOLE BODY.
  • Stage 7: COMMUNITY.

About the Author:

RazvanRazvan Radulian brings over 20 years of business and IT experience both as an Analyst and as Project
Manager. He is an expert in Business and Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis, Business Process
Analysis, User Experience, OOAD and UML within the Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Clinical Testing, Non-
Profit and Training industries. Razvan has used a wide-range of methodologies from highly formal like
Waterfall to highly adaptive like Agile and Scrum.
Razvan is an active speaker in local and global professional organizations including International Institute
of Business Analysis (IIBA), Business Process Simulation Working Group and is a mentor for MicroMentor.

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