Scrum Master Practitioner Guide


Scrum Master Practitioner's GuideThe role of the “Scrum Master” is one of the most sought-after job roles in recent years due to the growing popularity of Scrum, the most popular and widely-adopted Agile framework in the market today. However, this role is also one of the most challenging positions to fully understand for many reasons. 

This whitepaper demystifies some of the misconceptions about the Scrum Master role and provides a few insights for both current and aspiring Scrum Masters to help them make a meaningful impact on their teams and organizations. 

Eugene has assembled a collection of tips based on personal experience building and cultivating Scrum teams and will offer a few recommendations on how to serve as an effective Scrum Master. You will also gain a few techniques for handling unique situations that are seldom found in formal publications. The suggestions mentioned are intended to invoke further exploration and thought prior to applying to specific organizational situations.

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