Selling Agile Transformation to Upper Management


Although most organizations know that the ability to release a new product or new feature is imperative to their success, many of them are still working in a way that hinders their ability to create products and features consistently, release easily, and still meet marketplace and customer expectations. Selling Agile to Upper Management

Every day, change agents around the world are implementing Agile in order to change that. While the benefits of doing so can be significant, it is not always easy to get executives on board with Agile. Many will be resistant to change and need convincing that Agile is right for their organization.

This report dives into challenges that most change agents face, and strategies for overcoming those challenges and successfully selling your case to upper management.

This guide includes the following sections:

  • Challenges
  • A New Way - The Agile Way
  • Pitching Agile to Upper Management
  • Teams "Doing Agile" Does Not Make Your Organization
  • Implementing a Change Model
  • Next Steps in Your Agile Transformation
  • Make a Plan and Get Started

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