Techtown Training Guide

Grow the Talent You Hired.

Find the training you need in the Techtown Training Guide.TT Guide

ASPE's Techtown Training Guide is a great resource to find the solution your organization needs. You will find information on training and programs to help you develop learning paths for both onboarding and existing talent.

We understand that transformation at enterprise scale comes from the continuous development of your human talent. People are your engine of value, and value is our heuristic for everything from profit to utility. Whether it’s individual skills or overall strategy, we keep you and your people growing, learning and capable of delivering the value that shapes both careers and the organization’s future. Your people and their technology tools are a creative force to be reckoned with when working from the same playbook. Working together with you, Techtown ties the skills of your people to the success of your organization.

You can find the following curriculums in the guide:

  • DevOps and Pipelines
  • Containers and Architecture
  • Configuration and Automation
  • Test Automation
  • Security
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Data

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