Who Is Doing DevOps? [Infographic]


DevOps is a fast-growing movement that was designed to break down the long-standing silos between development and IT operations, but DevOps is not just for developers and operations anymore. To get the full benefits of DevOps, the practices and culture must be adopted across the entire IT enterprise. From Managers to Directors, Testers to Data Specialist, everyone needs to be involved.

The concept of everyone doing DevOps may seem foreign to many people, which is understandable. DevOps looks different from the diverse perspectives of the various roles in IT. Everyone in IT is affected by DevOps, but it affects each role in different ways.

Techtown compiled data from the hundreds of IT and business professionals they have trained in DevOps implementation and delivery to gain a snapshot of who is really adopting DevOps.

Find out if you're ahead of your peers and competitors when it comes to implementing DevOps practices.

who is doing devops infographic


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