5 Best Practices to Improve Test Automation Effectiveness

While a lot of software development companies have included some degree of automated testing of their products before deployment, it still stands as a fact that if you check closely, software sometimes still exhibits errors that could have been caught by the slow but sure net of manual testing.

Is test automation being done correctly (is there a correct way) or should we stop and revert to the old and strenuous way of testing software between successive iterations, manually?

If you've been looking to start test automation for the sake of saving time and money, surely there are best practice procedures to consider. Such practices are a sure way to ensure that you don't defeat the main reason you need to test software before packaging for the client.

This webinar will discuss 5 such methods (think functions here) that you should make sure to execute, not as part of the testing, but as thought processes around test automation in order to improve how well you respond to test data.

We won't go into the actual testing processes themselves, but we should have ample time to leave every attendee better equipped to voice their ideas when the time to decide how and what to test with test automation software comes. As it inevitably does.

What We Cover:

  • Test Automation logic (the why we need automation)
  • Test Automation Processes (the what and how)
  • Suggestions to make test automation more rewarding
  • Encourage a continuous learning attitude towards attaining world-standard software


Presenter: Taurai Mutimutema

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