Agile Market Entry, A Successful Launch For Your New Products


Agile development has made great strides delivering new, market-ready products that customers want and need. But just as new technologies and products need to be invented, the sales process for innovation also needs to be invented.

But delivering your new product to a professional sales organization operating under conventional sales methodologies is analogous to putting an everyday driver behind the wheel of an Indy race car. It will certainly underperform and often crash.

Agile Market Entry (AME) is designed to efficiently navigate the volatile and uncertain stage from new product launch to market scale and in the process, invent and deliver the repeatable sales process required by the professional sales organization to scale revenue. AME brings the concepts of agile and lean startup to the sales process where it is now needed.

We will:

  • Bridge the natural contention and friction between product development, marketing and sales to facilitate a successful new product launch
  • Understand the differences between growing established product revenue (professional sales) and launching a new product (market entry)
  • Understand why it is so challenging to reach scale with new, disruptive technologies
  • Basic understanding of the Agile Market Entry framework for launching new, disruptive technologies
  • Tips for introducing agile and Lean to your sales organization

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