Agile Marketing Primer Web Seminar Recap

Rapid, scalable, flexible, collaborative: words that all marketers strive for to achieve real-world success in their creative process. And beyond the marketing world, business leaders everywhere are realizing that the new economic paradigm rewards speed, flexibility, and response to change. If you've read The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, you know how FAST economic disruptions now move through the world economy. Some disruptions are flashes in the pan. Others bring about marketplace revolutions that none of us have the tools to entirely predict, or even catch early indicators regarding the direction they will take. So in the face of this reality, marketers need to look at work values, principles, and processes that enable the nimbleness required to "catch a black swan". In search of practices which enable this success, creative leaders in marketing fields are looking to their brethren in another profession which is high-stakes and project-based: software development. They are finding that the foundational values (and the practices associated with them) of highly successful software development philosophies such as Agile can also be leveraged to bring speed, quality, and flexibility to processes which yield fantastic creative. This is Agile Creativity: the fusing of the software world's Agile values with the creative initiatives of marketing. In this web seminar, JT discussed in detail the core values of Agile work, then looked at the practices and principles being implementing to fuse marketing needs with those values. The outcome is a powerful structure for quickly bringing ideas to life, rapidly developing iterations that increase quality, and incorporating feedback and input earlier in the creative process. Interested in more intensive Agile Marketing Training? Check out our Agile Marketing Boot Camp for more info!