Building a CI/CD Pipeline Using Jenkins


Learn the Concepts for Building a CI/CD Pipeline Using Jenkins and Azure DevOps

We've been hearing a lot about infrastructure as code and its benefits during the recent years. But that covers only the part of provisioning infrastructure. You can apply the same principles to the delivery pipeline. Jenkins has been the default option for developers to build software, especially when doing continuous integration (CI). To follow the principles of CI, you need to consider some technical aspects. One of them is to have an automation build server and an automatic battery of tests that you can trust. But not just that, now the trend is to shift to the left more and more things every day — for instance, security. Having an orchestrator, sort to speak, for all the steps you need for CI is vital.

In this webinar, you'll learn the basic concepts for building a CI pipeline using Jenkins, and how to then integrate Azure DevOps for your CD pipeline. I'll use a simple application that with every commit is published automatically within minutes to the cloud to a dev environment. For production, I'll do it manually but with only one click and a comment.

This Webinar Will Cover: 

  • Jenkins Pipeline (for build and CI)
  • Azure DevOps (for release management and CD)
  • Cloud Computing

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Presenter: Christian Melendez

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