Creating an Internal Agile Coaching Academy


Most companies that transition to Agile do so because they want the speed and innovation that Agile promises. As they begin to create teams, complete some training and begin working, the speed and innovation they expected isn’t as present as they wanted it to be. This is where Agile coaches come in. Many large organizations are dealing with thousands of people that are involved in development of a product. Because of this, companies are seeking external expertise. While that may be great, it comes at a price. That price tag is only one of the common problems. The other seems to be alignment inside of the organization. Because coaches are being paid by an external vendor, they may not be as aligned with the enterprise as one would think.

Organizational Agility requires an Agile coaching capability to establish self-organized teams (a new organization innovation), as well as a new form of agile leadership amongst management, and a re-thinking of organizational structures, policies and culture. In order to get existing full-time employees up-to-speed on the proper mindset and practices, it takes a significant investment. ASPE has helped organizations with this transition from consultant to vendor in order to achieve internal Agile coaches.

During this talk, attendees will learn:

  • What an external Agile coach is and how that can cause organizational strife
  • Best practices for implementations of Agile in large organizations
  • How to best embrace the Agile mindset and have others do it with you
  • Key components for building an Agile coaching academy for full-time employees

Presenter: Michael Roberts

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