Design Thinking Exercises You Can Use Today


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Design Thinking is about more than design! The process helps anyone approach problems in a creative and innovative way. The goal of this approach is to understand the users, challenge known assumptions, and seek solutions that may not be obvious.

The exercises used on their own are not enough to incorporate a design thinking mindset across your company culture. However, they are a fun and easy way to introduce these ideas into a workplace hesitant to adopt a new approach to problem-solving.

This webinar discusses several tools you can incorporate today, such as The 5 Why’s, I Like/I Wish, Difficulty/Importance Matrix, while learning the purpose of each one.

We cover:

  • Use Design Thinking Tools to Approach Problem Solving
  • Understand Your User and Create Out-of-the-Box Solutions
  • Begin Steps to Incorporate a Design Thinking Mindset in Your Organization


Presented by: Tina Arnoldi

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