Digital Transformation for SDLC Professionals

Internet of Things (IoT) Primer and Digital Transformation 101 for SDLC Professionals 

Nothing is worse in our B to B technology world than business speak 101 or jargon of the day or flavor of the week. We have Cloud and Ether, PaaS, IasS, SaaS, win-win, zero sum game, etc., etc., etc. If you have been involved in B to B technology the last twenty years or so, you name it you’ve heard it. 

That is definitely the initial “turn off” of IoT. Just another biz speak name that will go the way of cloud, Core Competency, Bleeding Edge, & Bricks and Clicks. The problem is just beyond the hype, as you dig deeper into IoT, something strange happens…, you find that it is real. 

We have doubled the amount of data in the world over the last two years alone. Although as humans we can’t deal with all that data, computers can. We as humans just have to ask the right questions and know what we are looking for. So when you look at IoT or better yet the Digital Transformation you have to look at it from “Systems Thinking” perspective. A lot of the elements are already existing but combine existing elements with new technologies and fast silicon you can get something special. 

This web seminar digs into the business relevance of IoT as well as the complete IoT technology picture. This is not a point solution technical web seminar. We are not going to talk about sensor hook up or Hadoop verse SQL for data management or Machine Learning. We are going to discuss how the entire system is set up. What the system produces and how to use that output. In the end IoT produces Data, lots of it and automation. As an organization interested in selling IoT, providing solutions for IoT or using IoT, you better understand what you want to do with the data you produce and how you will drive productivity and value through the automation you set up, because sooner or later your company is going to asking you about how AI can create a competitive advantage. 

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