Finding the Right Agile Certification For You


Agile has grown from a buzz-word in the industry to the dominant approach being used in software projects. With this evolution in software development, comes the need for standardization and certification. The Agile certification market has grown extensively over the last several years with new organizations entering the mix, and established organizations adding to their Agile certification portfolio. This growth has led to a great deal of confusion, inundating consumers with choices, and leaving the individual with an important question for their career – Which Agile certification is right for me? In this one-hour presentation, Tom will discuss the components of a traditional, credible certification program. He will then review the most popular Agile certifying bodies in the marketplace and give details on steps to achieve selected Agile certifications, helping you determine which, if any, is appropriate for you. 

In this webinar, we:

  • Reviewed the make up of a traditional, credible certification 
  • Understood the evolution of Agile and the "why" behind the numerous certifying bodies 
  • Dissected the components of primary players in the Agile certification space, specifically digging into prominent industry Agile certifications

Presenter: Tom McGraw

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