Getting Ops Teams to Buy into DevOps


In this discussion, we talk about how the DevOps movement was developed out of the driving need of enterprise to deliver value more quickly and efficiently, while still keeping security and stability at the center of what they do. Defining the challenge is only one part of creating and fostering a DevOps culture. The next steps of the proper technical practices, developing the culture of communication, trust and reliance will be discussed, along with a roadmap of how to engage IT operations staff members in this journey.

What You'll Learn:

  • What business need is driving the DevOps movement
  • Why DevOps is important
  • What high performing IT organizations are using DevOps and what their outputs are
  • The challenge of motivating IT operations teams and how to align business need with admin/engineer support
  • A roadmap of how to engage IT operations and get them to understand the business and technology drivers


Presenter: Michael Roberts

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