How to Build Better Navigation in your SharePoint Sites

Helping end-users navigate a SharePoint site shouldn’t involve a master’s degree. Navigation should be simple and intuitive, but unfortunately, with so many options and so little guidance, many organizations struggle to provide a consistent navigation experience for their information workers. In this recorded webinar we discussed how to build better navigation in your SharePoint sites to help your users find their stuff!

Join Microsoft MVP Andy Huneycutt as he teaches you how to build better navigation in your SharePoint sites!

We Cover:

  • Top link navigation
  • Quick launch navigation
  • Hub site navigation
  • In-page navigation
  • Metadata navigation vs. structural navigation
  • Shared links and what they mean
  • Mega menus (new to SharePoint online)
  • How to properly link to a site, list, or library
  • Best practices

Presenter: Andy Huneycutt

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