Microsoft Power BI: Awesome Tricks & Tips for Beginners

Are you stuck not being able to see your data? No, not your financials that the accounting department produces. But the actual levers that make your company tick? You know they are there! But how do you get to them? How do you see them? Have no fear! I walk you through the maze on how to visualize them. How to have transparency into your data in real-time! No more waiting for the finance team to squeeze you in or IT to develop a new report for you in Oracle. If you knew all the fancy Excel formulas and the names of all the data tables within your ERP system, it would be a breeze and you would not need this webinar. However, rest assured, all your questions can be answered here. Well, within reason.

In this Microsoft Power BI Webinar, You Will Learn How to:

  • Import data from different sources
  • Make visually appealing dashboards
  • Add your company’s KPIs
  • Find the levers of your company
  • Utilize Drill Downs and Drill Throughs
  • Make your presentation feel like a real website for top management to access

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Presenter: Kevin Kelly

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