Selling Agile Transformation to Upper Management


In this webinar, we focus on a bit of history of what Agile is and how it benefits organizations. However, the bulk of the talk will focus on strategies and areas of importance around speaking with upper management to get them to buy into an Agile transformation. So many organizations have tried and failed, or are afraid to try and continue “business as usual”. This creates more and more frustrated employees and managers who are unable to adapt, and evolve to the workforce and marketplace in front of them. Our goal for this webinar is for individuals to walk away with a specific actionable list to engage management and get them to agree to support and adopt an Agile mindset and Agile organizational approach.

Selling Agile






We Cover:

  • Agile Manifesto and Principles
  • Understanding the industry benefits of adopting an Agile practice for software delivery
  • Developing an action plan for management to adopt Agile

Presenter: Michael Roberts

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