Trust Me, Your Marketing Team Needs to Go Agile

Most marketing teams say, and probably believe, they can adapt to change quickly and react to market changes rapidly. But the reality is that oftentimes final products go unmeasured. There are just too many requests and campaign ideas coming in and not enough time to complete them all. Marketers become focused on getting things done and out the door, rather than measuring results and making data-driven decisions.

Sound familiar? If so, it might be time to go Agile.

Agile Marketing provides a powerful structure for quickly bringing ideas to life in rapidly developing iterations that increase quality by incorporating feedback and data earlier in the creative process.

Join ASPE Marketing Director, Traci Taylor, to discuss how your team can work faster and smarter by changing how they work.

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Presented By: Traci Taylor and Madeline Streicher 

Traci Taylor, CSM, MCE - ASPE Marketing Director
Traci Taylor has been with ASPE since 2010 and was an integral part of transitioning ASPE's marketing team to an Agile Marketing department in 2014. Over the past 4 years she's completely transformed not only the team, but the entire organization's view of marketing, centered around trust, transparency and data-driven decision making. She attibutes this transformation entirely to the culture created through Agile Marketing.  

Madeline Streicher - ASPE Brand Manager
Madeline Streicher has been with ASPE since 2015 and is responsible for managing, growing, and maintaining the brand of ASPE. By utilizing Agile Marketing over the last couple years, Madeline has continued to improve the consistency and recognition of the brand to future and existing customers.