What Did Google Do? Tips and Tricks for the New Google Marketing Platform

As most marketers know, Google changes the way their search engine optimization, advertising and analysis functions and displays on a daily basis. However, not so long ago, they completely revamped their entire marketing platform. 

The Google Marketing Platform is now an all-inclusive platform including Ads, Analytics, Data Studio, Optimize, Tag Manager and Surveys. This webinar provides an overview of how each of these tools overlap and work with one another for optimal performance. Included in this webinar are also best practices as well as tips and tricks for how to more efficiently utilize all aspects of the Google Marketing Platform. 

Added bonus:  Learn what you need to do in order to earn or update your Google certifications. 

We Will:

  • Understand how each tool relies on one another.
  • Apply best practices across each tool.
  • Harness the power of KPIs. 
  • Interpret website visitor behavior via Ads, GTM and Optimize.
  • Take “action” related to visitor behavior.

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