Working with Document Metadata in SharePoint

With the introduction of Office 2016, Microsoft removed a popular method of tagging documentation with metadata in SharePoint – the document information panel. The document information panel provided end users with the ability to quickly apply metadata while drafting a document using Office, and pass that information into SharePoint document libraries via columns. This tool helped users to organize content, more efficiently browse for files, and quickly search and discover files related to their business activities. With the removal of the document information panel, what are the options in Office and SharePoint to quickly and efficiently apply metadata to documents?

In this webinar we will:

  • Review and revisit the document information panel and its application.
  • Discuss how SharePoint collects document properties as users upload files and documents, and what this information can be used for.
  • Talk about methods users currently have for quickly applying metadata to document and files with removal of the document information panel.
  • Cover what to expect in future updates of Office and SharePoint related to collecting metadata for files.


Presenter: Andy Hunneycutt