You Need to Know Data: How to Become Data Literate in 7 Steps

A recent study by AppDirect stated 80% of companies are in the process of digital transformation, but 90% of those companies are facing significant obstacles to success. 24% of these obstacles are related to a lack of understanding and knowledge, and one of the key areas that professionals lack familiarity with is data.

Data literacy involves understanding what data means, including how to read graphs and charts correctly, draw accurate conclusions from data, and recognize when data is being used in misleading or inappropriate ways. This basically means those who are data literate can work with and understand data.

Because data is one of the key pillars of digital transformation, every business professional needs to be data literate. If everyone in your organization is not harnessing the power of data, you and your organization will be bested by your data literate competitors.

This webinar gives business professionals who are lacking foundational data knowledge the terms and concepts they need to know so that they can thrive in this new digital landscape.

You will Learn:

  • Review core data terms and concepts every business person should know
  • Examine practical examples of data analysis and analytics for business
  • Learn how you can help create a data-driven corporate culture


Presenter: RJ Williams

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