Zero to CI/CD Pipeline: Chef-Github-Jenkins


In this demo-based webinar, we show you how to connect Chef, GitHub, and Jenkins to form an end-to-end, fully automated Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline. Participants see the live creation of a CI/CD pipeline where we’ll create a Chef cookbook, push this cookbook to a private repo on GitHub, at which point GitHub will trigger a Jenkins build that will launch Test Kitchen in a Docker container to test the cookbook. Upon a successful test, Jenkins automatically uploads the cookbook to a Chef Server and then Jenkins will notify the Chef-managed nodes to converge and implement the tested cookbook.

Although this demo uses a specific tool stack, the principles covered can be applied to a variety of tools.

We will cover:

  • Creating a Chef cookbook
  • Pushing a Chef cookbook to GitHub
  • Triggering a Jenkins Build
  • Launching Test Kitchen in a Docker container

Presenter: Elon Bar-Evan​

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