How to Transform Your Organization Using Data and Analytics

Monday, April 1st, 2019

12:00 pm EST  |  11:00 am CST  |  10:00 am MST  |  9:00 am PST

This presentation will expose you to core concepts underlying an effective data and analytics practice in the complex organization. In this presentation we will give you a foundational look at why organizational data is a transformational asset, and why any job role interacting with that data must be able to navigate and leverage it. It explains why intelligent data management and a corresponding analytics practice is critical for the success of both the organization and the professional. We'll also talk about data visualization, and tying business outcomes to the data practice.

We will discuss:

  • Commonly encountered technologies in the data ecosystem
  • Overview of conventional relational data, structured/unstructured data, and big data
  • Application of data-driven solutions to business needs
  • Cultural factors which impact the data practice
  • Data visualization overview

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Presented by: Chris Knotts

Chris Knotts

Chris is a longtime technology maven and training solutions director. He connects enterprise skills needs with emerging tools and subject-matter experts who can meet those needs. Chris brings 15 years of experience to Techtown Training as a project manager and product manager who specializes in learning solutions for complex knowledge-worker environments. Chris has managed projects for Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Harvard University, Hilton Hotels and many others.